Why do you need to set goals?


     Life gives you a little time to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it you need to set goals…


Blog- Set your Goals of your Life.



Have you ever set your goals in your life? Because a year of pandemic, a year of challenges, a year of struggles, a year of learning, any of the names you can give to the year 2020 is over now. You entered the year 2021: a year of possibilities, a year of opportunities, and a year of hope.

Why do you need to set your own goals?

Many of you would have chosen new resolutions in the hope to spark positive change in your life. Some people set goals of health and fitness, financial growth, and professional development.

What is Resolution?

Resolution- Resolution is a promise. A promise which a person makes is a commitment, a goal to bring a change in the coming year. Most of the people take the following resolutions:

• Do regular exercise
• Lose weight, eating healthy food
• Get organized and become more productive
• Learn a new skill or hobby
• Live in the present moment
• Save more money
• Quit any of your unpleasant habits
• Spend more time with family and friends
• Take help of gadgets for smart work

Follow the rule of SMART Goal

Set Your Goals to Achieve BIG in the Given Time Frame. Don't Forget to Practice Tolerance, Compassion, Empathy.


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  • S- Smart Goal, articulate your resolution
  • M- Measurable, you can quantify it say 5kg weight loss.
  • A- Attainable, which you can meet with challenges
  • R- Relevant, you can set priorities, which one is more important for you
  • T- Time, Set a time or deadline in which you achieve your set goal.

What is more important in taking the resolution?

 By setting your goals, you are challenging yourself. But the most important thing is –
• Stay Positive.
• Be consistent,
• Change should be gradual,
• Build on smaller changes,
• Allow a little room for error.
• Through resolutions, you are working on your weak areas where progress is very slow so don’t quit.
• Whenever you achieve any progress, don’t forget to celebrate your success.
• Keep motivating yourself.
• Better you review your goals from time to time.
• You can get the support of your family members and friends if you share your goals with them.

Give a kick start to your new goals by implementing and following them. Keep focus throughout the year until your resolution becomes a habit.